We are all for sports, ecotourism, culture and enthusiasm.

(Despite the rain.)


Tenorio Rural Bootcamp was born as a company in 2020 to meet the exercise needs of several people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In May 2023 it became an association.

In addition to sports practice, we go on excursions, organise talks and clinics and go “plogging”.

The sports section

The bootcamp is the core of our sports section.

We mainly do high-intensity functional training in community. When possible, outdoors.

We participate in popular races and obstacle course racing (OCR), and we also practice hiking, weightlifting, powerlifting and gymnastics.

We train in Tenorio
(Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain).

Join us

If you share our values and goals (you can check that reading the statues), we invite you to join us.

Estas son las cuotas vigentes:

Mayores de edad
al año
  • Equivale a 5 EUR al mes.
  • Puede pagarse mensualmente, trimestralmente o anualmente.
Entre 14 y 17 años de edad*
al año
  • * Los menores entre 14 y 17 años pueden ser miembros de la asociación autorizados por sus responsables legales. Los menores de 14 años no pueden ser socios, pero pueden disfrutar de las ventajas de ser miembro de la asociación si alguna de las personas responsables de su tutela es socia de la asociación.

You can keep up to date with our news visiting our blog. We also publish our workouts there.

Tenorio Rural Bootcamp
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📲 +34683602057
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